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Skye Niseko teaser
Motion graphics teaser for a luxury ski resort and hotel in Niseko, Japan.
Wilson Associates website
Ground-up website design and development for one of the world's most esteemed luxury interior architectural design firms.
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Vector illustration and rendered 3D model of Sweden's most recognizable mini synth.
iOS Control Center concept
iOS 8's Control Center redesigned for enhanced usability.
Western Digital dopp kit
Five-piece dopp kit based on the design language of Western Digital hardware products.
Beats Hi-Fi
Pre-Amazon Echo / Apple HomePod smart speaker concept; the world's first Apple × Beats collab.
Ryan Nagata website
Portfolio site for a multitalented, California-based prop & spacesuit maker, artist, and photographer.
Schematic Design Presentation
Client-facing presentation to communicate design intent and elucidate design changes.
Corporate graphic design
Assorted single-page graphics made for Wilson Associates.
CEO Design Talk
Design-centered presentation to serve as a supportive backdrop for CEO's public speaking event.
Process Design & Systems Strategy
Diagram outlining a partially-automated, cascading set of enterprise systems to turbocharge efficiency and minimize redundancy within a design firm.
Campbell Collective logo & site
Logo and landing page for a Vegas-based architecture consultancy.
OSEPP retail display
Retail display design for OSEPP modules / components.
Orange OR-50H & PPC212
Detailed, dimensionally accurate vector graphic illustrations.
Dallas Business Journal ad
Newspaper advertisement for a Dallas-headquartered luxury interior design firm.
CRKT M16-04Z
Rendered 3D model and exploded view of a Columbia River Knife & Tool tanto-bladed knife.
I couldn't make a website without featuring my feline son.