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iOS Control Center concept

iOS 8's Control Center redesigned for enhanced usability.

This tweak proposes the addition of two new buttons to Control Center — one on either side of the music playback controls — enabling instant access to Apple's Music.app (left) and the user's most recently used third-party music app (right). In this case the latter is Spotify, but it could be Pandora, Beats, Rdio, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, etc.

Other changes:

  • made Control Center taller to afford more room to the Music area
  • made toggles more reachable by moving least-used buttons to the top
  • made separate AirDrop & AirPlay buttons, rather than full-bleed
  • made brightness & volume sliders visually consistent with aforementioned buttons
  • replaced Airplane Mode toggle with a Settings button
  • made toggles left / right-scrollable to access other toggles, i.e. Low Power Mode, Cellular Data, Airplane Mode
  • added a button for direct access to Music.app / Apple Music
  • added a button for direct access to recent 3rd-party music apps
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