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Ryan Nagata website

Portfolio site for a multitalented, California-based prop & spacesuit maker, artist, and photographer.

Ryan Nagata is a prolific artist. An accomplished professional maker of models, props, and costumes, a photographer, and erstwhile director / filmmaker, Ryan reached out to me in need of a web-based showcase of his work.

His portfolio includes spacesuit replicas for private collectors, exhibits, and films. He's made spacesuit costumes for Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested.com, has done work for actual Apollo astronauts, and most recently made some costumes for the 2018 Neil Armstrong film, First Man.

I worked with Ryan to understand his needs, determine his desired aesthetic, as well as the overall structure and presentation of photographic and typographic content. Other services included digital asset management and preparation / web-optimization, transferral of DNS records, and termination of the supplanted DreamHost account for his defunct site.

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