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Process Design & Systems Strategy

Diagram outlining a partially-automated, cascading set of enterprise systems to turbocharge efficiency and minimize redundancy within a design firm.

This independently developed proposal was my answer to the fragmentation, gaps, and redundancies I identified within an organization whose systems and processes had become splintered over many years.

Beginning at the top, internal teams (represented in black) input their data into their respective enterprise systems/tools. In some cases, this data is first delivered to internal teams by external/third-party sources (represented in white).

Using a connector like Zapier, various data and assets automatically cascade to other systems and internal teams, ultimately creating new entries in the firm's web-based content management system, and automatically creating new pages on the company's website, based on templates which I built in Webflow.

Demonstrated Ability
process design
systems architecture
graphic design
visual communication
critical thinking
Tool / Medium
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