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OSEPP retail display

Retail display design for OSEPP modules / components.

OSEPP needed a retail display to showcase a set of modules. This mockup proposed a layout that would enable users to interact with inputs and directly experience their outputs, creating a 1:1 relationship between paired modules and conveying functionality with maximum clarity.

  • Moving one's hand over the proximity sensor module causes the red LED module beneath the OSEPP logo to glow at varying levels of brightness.
  • The temperature sensor module transmits its measured ambient temperature to the LCD module above it, in turn displaying temperature data numerically.
  • Pressing the button module illuminates the blue LED module above it as long as the button is depressed.
  • Covering the light sensor module closes the circuit on the yellow LED module, causing it to turn on — much like a nightlight.
  • Rotating the knob on the potentiometer module actuates the servo module above, turning in real-time according to user input speed and direction.

The display housing was devised such that all wires are routed beneath it, so as to place emphasis on the modules themselves. Graphic cues — outlines and arrows — help establish paired relationships between modules and direction of input flow to output.

Demonstrated Ability
digital illustration
layout design
product design
visual communication
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