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Wilson Associates website

Ground-up website design and development for one of the world's most esteemed luxury interior architectural design firms.

As one of the world's most recognized and sought-after international luxury interior architectural design firms, Wilson Associates' strengths are abundantly clear: outstanding interior architectural design. Without an on-staff web developer, the firm's Landor-made WordPress site inevitably bacame in need of an immediate replacement.

I began by partnering with the marketing, executive, and business development teams to cull recent and significant projects. I then spun up a Squarespace site to display the project selection and provide immediate access to contact information, so as to maintain a web presence and a means for the business to continue to receive leads. The site design was bootstrapped by a "close enough" template to which I added a few hundred lines of CSS to ensure it conformed with the brand's visual standards.

With this stopgap in place, I began planning a longterm solution and set some goals:

  • Marketing and human resources teams (with zero web design experience) should be able to update the content of the site, including adding new projects, people, news posts, open career opportunities, etc.
  • The platform shouldn't require any maintenance, e.g. updating plugins or the platform itself.
  • The vast majority of changes to the site should be doable by current employees — and without the need for a dedicated developer — given the nature and sector of the business.
  • The platform should feature a no-brainer content management system to empower the aforementioned teams to very quickly add content with minimal effort.

Following my research, Webflow presented itself as the perfect solution. And after a few months of prototyping, building, digital asset editing and preparation, copywriting and copyediting, testing and validiation, the final design was approved and launched.

100% made from scratch using no templates, frameworks, etc.

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