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Western Digital dopp kit

Five-piece dopp kit based on the design language of Western Digital hardware products.

A product design project of which the objective was to first define the design language of a Fortune 500 company, then apply it to a completely different set of products: ultimately, a dopp kit containing a toothbrush, an electric razor, a cologne dispenser, a comb, and a two-compartment showergel/shampoo/conditioner bottle.

The project began with contextual and ethnographic research, including surveys of multiple frequent travelers that loosely fit a given user persona. Research was followed by 300 ideation sketches, of which the most successful were selected for further refinement. I built low-fidelity mockups to test scale and usability, and finally produced a set of models of higher resolution using superior materials.

Demonstrated Ability
product design
3D modeling
cg rendering
graphic design
layout design
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